$13 Billion is a Shakedown–for the Federal Government

The news dominating the business headlines recently has been the record breaking $13 billion pending settlement between the Justice Department and JP Morgan Chase. The fines stem from the faulty mortgage securities that JP Morgan knowingly misled investors into buying in the lead-up to the financial crisis. According to the talking heads on Fox Business […]

An Angel With No Name

This week’s parsha tells the story of Yaakov’s confrontation with an angel.  Though only a few psukim in length, this narrative is explored deeply by many major commentaries on Chumash.  It is an important story for several agreed upon reasons.  Yaakov Avinu is given a new name for the first time.  We can also gain knowledge […]

Living Up to Our Name

Think about your name.  Does it say something about who you are?  Do you feel connected to it?  Have you ever chosen a new name for yourself or wished you had been given a different one? Jewish tradition believes that a name reflects an element of the human spirit to which it belongs.  In Parshat […]

Child Abuse is Not a One-Rabbi Issue

People often say that abuse happens in every community, so it should come as no surprise when it happens in our own. Recently, an Orthodox man from Kew Gardens Hills was reported to the police on allegations that he sexually assaulted a child on a Monsey Trails bus. It was the not the first time […]

Subject 1

She looked at a whole page of accordions. Her syllabus is in Italian, Shift rustle click click. She is no longer doing any work. A rose on her shoulder, An umbrella in her arm. She hides behind my screen And hers. Chewing gum we stare again. How many people? About six. This is universal. Six […]