Hurricane Stagnation

Man was once a creature of nature. He fashioned his habit to live efficiently and economically, adapting to the natural cycles of the world. The sun dominated his routine. He would wake when the sky was light and sleep when it was dark. He would accept the climes nature offered and eat what she provided. […]


Time Travel in Battery Park

Bronze slits of shimmering sunlight awaken me to a new day. I quickly turn to my alarm clock and check to see if it still works. It’s 7:21am.  For all the days I wish I could throw the clunky thing with its irksomely chirpy chimes out the window, today I wait a moment longer to […]



The storm aerobically hops, skips, and jumps over homes and through homes. And takes with it peace and security. So much hassle and trouble to fix the damage. What a mess you’ve made, like the tenth plague. What else can we compare to this unpreventable woe? There are things out of our control besides nature. […]


Flotsam Toy

  Flotsam Toy A gypsum bay of heavy frost through which I see paradise lost, And rusted swings and broken fence and bars beneath a crystal gloss. Among the white a flotsam toy recalls a time of youth and joy Before the chill of time beset the life I knew when just a boy. written […]


Three Little Leaves

We lie flat on the ground, our tips pointed towards one another. Faded from a springy green, we bear the soft, burnt orange color of autumn. A thin glossy coat of water reflects the storm that has passed.  Once upon a time we were crinkled and creased, but the impact of rain has ironed us […]