It is important to recall that we never left Egypt                              This is the first narrative that every Jew must tell   Millennia later, I am white of skin and level of gaze (My eyes are clear and touched with green) But […]

The Night I Cried A Lot

That night I cried a lot. “There is actually A LOT of different aspects to this poem…” His smile revealing pearly white teeth behind plump lips   My mask stuck well in the cold January slush Supported by red wine, and sweet promises of God   April slid the mask off into the streams “Streams […]

Allen Ginsberg on a Horse

With Allen Ginsberg mounted on his horse I wonder if I will trip on the sabbatical mark   My beard is not nearly as long as his, his worship of Whitman makes my eyes roll   Heavy Robin Williams’s barbaric yelp has ruined that for me Which is not particularly sensitive considering things considered…   […]

The Man at the Ark

The end of the world is near, Everyone in the world stands in fear, Armageddon; lips are cracking with thirst, Hunger is plaguing everyone, we are all cursed. Most people are dead or barely hanging on, The order and governments have already gone. The gates of Heaven and Hell are open wide, People are ascending […]


Horns on top of her head are not phallic maybe feminine even with their tips curving in to form an oval   She emerges from stone and her body is so so so smooth my lack of vocabulary embarrasses me but it is like wax her tummy impeccably carved and fluid my eyes linger on […]