Did Zealotry Save the Jewish People?

There is a famously powerful scene from the story behind the Jewish holiday of Hanukah. “Whoever is for God, come with me!” screamed Mattityahu to the residents of the Modi’in after he killed the Greek soldier who tried to force him to sacrifice an impure animal, and thus the miraculous war began. The truth is, […]

Erev Shabbat in Florence

The concept of a “non-negotiable” entity is virtually non-existent regarding most daily practices in our modern society. Theoretically, dire circumstances, or even uncomfortable circumstances, can render an exception to the standard practice. I find, however, that Shabbat observance, despite the intangibility of the binding nature of the commandment, becomes a non-negotiable rule in the most peculiar way. Despite a situation […]

LGBT Representation in QC Hillel

3.8%. That’s the estimation of the percentage of LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) people in New York. That must mean that 3.8% of the Jewish students at Queens College are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Where are they? Why don’t I see them in the Hillel? Why have I met so few members of […]


Message from our Hillel President

Hey everyone! Welcome back to school from what I hope was a fantastic summer. Here at Hillel, we’re enjoying an exciting semester. We are already working on brand new projects, as well as continuing the ones you know and love. We are planning new inclusivity, shabbat, interfaith, freshman, and social events. There’s something for everybody, so […]


Discovering My Identities

  “Un libro se puede quemar o perder, pero, cuando uno se lo aprende, el libro ya forma parte de su persona y los conocimientos duran tanto como él.” The above quote comes from the Spanish translated edition of Noah Gordon’s book The Last Jew. Loosely translated, it means, “a book can be burned or […]