Tribe Magazine is a student-run publication and a project of QC Hillel. Our staff members are active in various areas of Jewish and campus life and are committed to engaging the Queens College community.
Meet the members of the Tribe:

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Robert Rosengarten

Robert (aka Bentzy) is pursuing a double major in English and Economics at Queens College, and is preparing for a career in law. He has served as a staff writer for The Knight News, and was recently awarded the Neal Feld Memorial Prize for Fiction for a short story titled “Reward Notice.” As editor/co-founder of Tribe Magazine, Robert enjoys writing, debating, and obscure tribal rituals. On warm days, he can sometimes be spotted running over the 59th St. Bridge.


Gideon is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Queens College with goals for a career in Engineering. He is active both on campus and online as the Student Vice President for QC Hillel and as managing editor/co-founder of Tribe Magazine. A musician by hobby, Gideon can often be found distracting those “studying” in the Hillel with piano tunes, and occasionally accepts requests (and tips!) from his audience.


Marina is pursuing a degree in History and Art History at Queens College/Macaulay Honors College with goals for a career in arts and culture–perhaps as a museum curator. Though only a freshman, she has become deeply involved in Hillel and will be serving as new leader of Koach–Hillel’s progressive Jewish division. She also writes for her own blog- Marina Nebro: Arts and Culture.


Michaela is pursuing a degree in Studio Art at Queens College. Originally a student of photography at the University of Hartford, she aspires to utilize her creativity and photographic skills to become an early childhood educator. She can be easily identified by her red hair, as well as by the camera she carries around. Michaela’s passions include reading, traveling, music and of course photography.

TORAH EDITOR: Elisheva Laks

Elisheva is interested in becoming a guidance counselor and is studying Psychology and Education at Queens College with a minor in the Humanities. She is also pursuing mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate covered pretzels. As Torah editor, Elisheva can be found poring over the Beit Halevi, and is always available for a chavrutah. Her heart lies in Israel, where she was born, and she hopes to one day return.

TORAH EDITOR: Benjamin Mann

Benjamin is pursuing a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry at Queens College. Often considered “just another QC pre-med,” he aspires to one day become a physician (and would make any Jewish mother proud!). Benjamin spends his free time learning Torah, watching sports/cartoons, playing video games, catching up on politics, and kicking back with a good book.

STAFF WRITER: Joseph Stern

Joseph (Yossi) Stern is studying Political Science with a double minor in Business and Liberal Arts and Honors in the Social Sciences. He is planning on a career in law and politics, and will one day be president of the United States, for sure. When not helping destitute farmers in Nicaragua, philosophizing with professors, representing Queens College as an ambassador, and being a general stud, Joseph can be found soaking up political-economic info through newspapers, magazines, books, and TV.


Gabby is currently a Macaulay Honors Freshman at Queens College. She is pursuing adegree in Psychology with a double minor in Business and Liberal Arts and History. Gabby is an avid reader and loves to travel. Her latest travel stints have included trips to Israel, Europe, and Central America. So far, Gabby has enjoyed her time in Queens College and is looking forward to broadening Tribe‘s fan base. Don’t be shy; say hi to us on Facebook! We’d love to hear from you.