671 FALL 2014 Course Syllabus

Human Resources Management 671

MHRM Fall 2014

David Bess, Ph. Deb.

Office: C 402 g

Telephone: 956-3258

Fax: 956-2774

E-mail: david. [email protected] edu


Welcome to the MHRM and our initial residence weekend. Over the residence period we hope to accomplish this: We can spend time in and outside of sophistication getting to know the other person both independently as well as associates of working teams. Our residence periods will give attention to the internal managing of agencies and the managing of our human resources and some from the external forces that influence them. To be able to prepare for this kind of intensive weekend of work you are encouraged to: Read the course syllabus. You may want to bring a hard backup to the first day of sophistication. There is substantive reading linked to the classes to be covered throughout the residence weekend. You should try to at least scan the kind of chapters inside the text for the classes before the home. It will be useful to scan a number of the early needed readings ahead of the residence to reduce the workload during the house. In brief, put together as much as possible intended for time will be scarce through the residence. Major should be about gaining a understanding of the topics to get covered, and never on trying to memorize each of the concepts that is to be discussed. This will enhance your learning and reduce the strain on you through the residence weekend.

I am looking forward to the time together.

David Bess

Text: Essentials of Company Behavior simply by Stephen Robbins and Timothy Judge. This kind of text protects the essentials of what we will probably be covering in the lecture.

A supplemental resource is: Work-related Outlook Handbook [8 January 2014] This can be a HOURS resource which may be of interest. It is for your info only and is also not required. http://www.bls.gov/ooh/

Students will also be required to take the Dvd PRIOR TO PROPERTY WEEKEND. Recommendations will be impending electronically. You must bring a printout with the report to category on Weekend morning of residence week.

Office Hours: I i am generally during my office every day from being unfaithful: 00-5: 00, and always the hour before class. You may drop by or call… or arrange a certain appointment by phone or e-mail.

Laulima: The syllabus, PowerPoint slides, blood pressure measurements, and other elements are on the students Laulima web page. Students should certainly review this resource to get ready for classes.

Disability Gain access to

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the KOKUA System for information and services. Services are private and pupils are not billed for them. Get in touch with KOKUA at 956-7511 (voice/text), [email protected] edu, or Pupil Services Center, Room 13.

Course Objectives: To provide pupils with a professional knowledge of administration and company behavior plus the role of Human Resources. This consists of increasing the ability about people's personalities, motives, etc . and how they are greatest utilized in a great organizational setting, with unique focus on organizations and clubs and the role of leadership. Students will likely gain a great appreciation showing how such concepts as company design and culture can be used in undertaking organization transform. Special problems such as range in the workplace, integrity, and interpersonal responsibility will probably be addressed, as will the overarching topic from the global proportions of the competitive environment. The focus of the program will be in the application of these kinds of concepts because they relate to Recruiting professionals and the special role in agencies. Learning Final results:

Gain an awareness of the relevance of a global society, ethnic sensitivity and knowledge and the utilization of this knowledge by simply leaders. Gain an admiration of personality/individual differences and utilization of this kind of knowledge in better understanding ourselves and leading and motivating other folks. Gain a knowledge of the usage of teamwork and how to improve crew effectiveness. Gain an...



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