Case Study of Japanese Meals Industry

 Essay about Case Study of Japanese Food Industry

Intercontinental Journal of Business and Management; Vol. 8, No . 9; 2013 ISSN 1833-3850 E-ISSN 1833-8119

Published by simply Canadian Middle of Research and Education

Communicating CSR: Case Study of Japanese Foodstuff Industry

Kaori Takano1


School of Business Operations, Fort Lewis College, USA

Correspondence: Kaori Takano, University of Organization Administration, Fort Lewis College, Durango, COMPANY 81301, UNITED STATES. Tel: 1-970-247-7060. E-mail: [email protected] com

Received: February 19, 2013

Acknowledged: March 18, 2013

Online Published: Apr 14, 2013

doi: 12. 5539/ijbm. v8n9p111



This study investigates how the Western food sector responded to the meals education rules of june 2006 through business social responsibility (CSR) connection. No prior study features examined factory visits and food education of the Western food market as interpersonal responsibility activity in the lumination of the fresh food education law in Japan. Business websites of all of the food businesses categorized inside the food sector in The japanese were analyzed during the period 2009 12 , to 2010 March: A total of 275 companies, 139 publicly traded and 136 unlisted. Examined had been the availability of factory appointments, CSR studies, and meals education lessons conducted for schools. As opposed to a positive survey from a report conducted by the government, most of the Japanese foodstuff industry is apparently struggling to fulfill the sociable needs of food education and is unsucssesful to establish powerful CSR interaction channels with stakeholders. This study contradicts a govt survey report and uncovers the food sector did not apparently respond well to the foodstuff education regulation. The market, however , may well have involved in an implicit CSR way considering the great outcomes from the national motion of food education, offered by the meals education legislation.

Keywords: company social responsibility (CSR), interaction, public coverage, public health, corporate curriculum, Japan

1 . Launch

Obesity, for many years, has been a significant health issue throughout the world. Japan, viewed as one of the healthiest nations in the world, appeared to be very to this trend. Even as just lately as 2009 in a record of the Enterprise for Monetary Co-operation and Development (OECD), the prevalence of unhealthy weight in Japan was simply 3. 4%, the lowest of all nations, in comparison with thirty four. 3% for the United States (as cited in Mar, 2010). This does not imply that Japan is definitely the exclusion. In the eighties, researchers identified children's detrimental diets which were due to the frequency of western food and the overall diminishing of traditional Japanese meals culture. Research workers called for the establishment of food education especially for children (Iwasawa, 1987; Kireruko, 2000; Kodomoga, 99; Konaiboryoku, 85; Sugihira, 1999). The entire society became confident that meals education was an aufstrebend social want. Additionally , the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Scientific research and Technology of Japan (MEXT) reported that the percentage of sixth grade young boys who were overweight doubled to more than 11% by 2002 compared to the past due 1970s (MEXT, 2003). The national govt increasingly started to be proactive relating to this issue. Based on the Shokuiku Hakusho (food education white paper), the need for shokuiku or foodstuff education emerged in the society due to the growing concern regarding the unhealthy diet programs of Japanese people citizens, especially that of kids (Cabinet Workplace Government of Japan, 2006b). In order to manage the problem of unhealthy diets of Japanese people citizens, the Shokuiku Standard Act, Shokuiku Kihon Hou, was enacted in 06 2005. Based on the Basic Program for Shokuiku Promotion (Cabinet Office Government of The japanese, 2006a), Shokuiku or meals education is defined as " the foundation for living, and positions it because the base of intellectual (Chiiku), moral (Tokuiku) and physical (Taiiku) education” (2006a, l. 1). The goal is perfect for the people...

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