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Composition #1 (CCOT)

The Ocean world, which include America, European countries and The african continent went through several changes and some continuities when they came in connection with among The european countries from 1492-1750. Spanish and Portugal people brought new diseases the natives are not immune to when they arrived in the Americas resulting in significant population damage. The use of slaves was also a change among the list of natives plus the Europeans. The Europeans began to trade with the Islam Disposition, India, The african continent, and now the Americas. During this period period, Africa Slave Operate prospered, as part of a larger economic transformation at the moment called the Triangular Transact Network. And thus, the Ocean World was not only inspired but likewise became influenced by other places surrounding them. Although there had been some changes, the concept of Europeans being better than natives even now remained in the Americas when the Europeans arrived at the Americas wanting to replace the natives' techniques because they thought it was inadequate.

Social changes occurred in the Americas due to these communications. When the Spanish came to the Americas, they will brought a large number of deadly illnesses. Diseases from the Spanish were mainly through conquistadors throughout the Reconquista. Human beings infections had been transmitted for the first time worldwide, from Africa and Eurasia towards the Americas. The Natives experienced no defenses towards the disorders unlike the Europeans. They brought disorders such as chicken pox, measles, and small pox. The diseases were very perilous among Europeans but lethal towards all those in the Unites states. Before their particular arrival, there is an estimated population of fifty million although after a 100 years of their introduction, the population fallen to about eight million. With the lack of population as well came a shortage of labor. There were fewer people to work on the countries and as farmers which meant a shortage of crops and food decimated even more from the population.

Economic alterations were present as well....



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