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Please complete the work below over a separate sheet. An interview can simply be arranged on receipt of the process. We recommend that you consult a grammar book and a methodology book if possible. Advised books: Sentence structure: Parrot, Matn – Grammar for The english language Language Educators (Cambridge University or college Press) Swan, Michael – Practical English language Usage (Oxford University Press) Methodology: John Scrivener – Learning Instructing (Macmillan) Jeremy Harmer – How to Educate English (Longman) 1 . Underneath are pairs of commonly puzzled words. Clarify briefly how you would express to a college student how the words and phrases in every single pair vary in meaning. a. w. sensitive as well as sensible fun / funny c. d. remember as well as remind bookshop / selection

2 . Briefly highlight how you would present to a pupil the difference in meaning among these pairs of content. You can assume that the learner understands the vocabulary inside the sentence, thus focus on the underlined words and phrases. a. m. c. While i arrived that they had eaten. The lady speaks Spanish. She's was seen in several major films. While i arrived these were eating. She is speaking Spanish. She was seen in several main films.

a few a. Just how would you educate a group of Pre-intermediate students the next expressions? • • • • • I've got a coughing I've received a headache I feel nauseous I've received a cold I have got flu virus

3 m. What difficulties might pupils have with learning these expression? Comment on which means, form and pronunciation.

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4. Imagine you are a terminology student starting a some week vocabulary course within a foreign country. You do not understand the language and no-one recognizes your mother tongue. Imagine how you will would truly feel on your initial Monday by school and what kind of thing you should want to learn to express first. ( approximately two hundred words)

a few. a) For what reason have you made a decision to do the CELTICO course? your five....



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