Customer Analysis of Kantipur Tv set

 Customer Evaluation of Kantipur Television Composition

| 2012

| ACE Start of ManagementSubmitted by: Rabi Kiran Adhikari, EMBA 3rd Semester, GOAL

[Customet Analysis of Kantipur Television]

Published to: Mr. Suman Shakya, Facilitator, TARGET

Table of Contents

Stand of Contents2


Research Design and Methodology4

Studies and Discussion posts: 5

Segmentation of the Respondents: 5

Motivation: 6

Spaces identified: almost 8


Annex 1: Consumer analysis of Kantipur TELEVISION questionnaires12


Kantipur television set is leading private tv set channel over the Nepal released in This summer 2003. It is a Nepal's many outstanding television station, beaming 24/7 to more than a hundred countries over the Pacific, the Indian subcontinent and the United states. During the eight numerous years of transmission, Kantipur Television has exploded significantly and has fixed a place in the broadcasting good Nepal. It includes gained equivalent popularity at home and among the nonresident Nepalese community in foreign countries. Promoted by simply Non-Residents Nepalese in Russian federation and the Kantipur media group, it is qualified to operate as being a TV broadcasting company in terrestrially as well as via satellite tv. For this purpose, they have embraced the most up-to-date technology, up to date production equipment and other features and skilled human resources with a view to providing a multitude of entertainment programs, countrywide and international news and talk displays. It has achieved a high reason for its stand of reliable news and information and exclusive entertainment programs. Its objective is always to provide a tv set service that informs, entertains and motivates viewers with a Nepalese

Objectives in the study

5. To practice the study on promoting

* To assess the motivation factors from the Kantipur Viewers * To discover the breaks

Analyze Design and Methodology

Not probability Calculated sampling strategies were accustomed to assess the motivation and breaks of Kantipur TV audiences. The study is merely for learning purposive therefore the findings are not used to generalize the result and findings for the population. A Semi methodized questionnaire collection was used to collect the information and the information was collected through the researchers work station acquaintances. The forms were accumulated in 15 July 2012. The sample size is 12-15 and it is accumulated purposively. The data were analyzed through SPSS program pertaining to easier calculations of frequencies and cross-tabulation. Due to the limited sample the actual result can't be generalized to the general population, as well it's not a professional exploration so the putting on the studies is not more use.

Studies and Talks:

Segmentation of the Respondents:

Table 1: Distribution of Respondents in several characteristics | Frequency| Percent

Age smart distribution

20-30 years| 8| 53. 3

30-40 years| 5| thirty-three. 3

> 40 years| 2| 13. 3

Total| 15| 75

Sex Sensible distribution

Male| 9| 60

Female| 6| 40

Total| 15| 95

Ethnicity wise distribution

Bramhin/Chhetri| 11| 73. 33

Janajati| 4| 21. 7

Total | 15| 100

Educational level wise distribution

Bigger Secondary| 4| 26. six

Bachelor| 3| 20

Masters| 7| 46. 7

Total| 15| 90

This client analysis was done with purposive sampling strategy so there isn't any systematic label of the characteristics with the population. This really is normally learning Project so here it has attempted to segment the population based on the available info. Here in this kind of study there have been 15 respondents were asked about their brief review about the Kantipur television along with their inspiration to watch the television. A total of 8 away of 12-15 respondents had been in between 20-30 years, your five were 30-40 years and rests of the 2 are over 40 years of age. An overall total of 60% respondents are male and rest forty percent is feminine. Like since 73. 33 % respondents happen to be Bramhin and Chhetri racial and others are from Janajati. A total of 7 participants have learn...


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