How to write a good argumentative essay

The ability to learn how to write a good argumentative essay, which is well-structured and logical, is useful to everyone. Well-reasoned essay contains arguments supporting the main idea and convince the reader of its correctness. An argumentative essay includes a comprehensive review of the subject matter, as well as good arguments that can convince the reader of the correctness of the author's point of view.

Consider the purpose of argumentation essays. The purpose of this type of an essay is a deep examination of any issue or topic. This essay should examine all aspects of the subject, having considered all possible points of view.

When you think how to write a good argumentative essay you should clearly express the views, explain its advantages over other views, and on this basis to make informed conclusions.

Choosing a theme

Select the appropriate topic. Remember that in argumentation essay advocates a certain point of view on any controversial issue.

Select a topic of interest to you. For the preparation and essay writing it takes a lot of time, so you should choose a topic, work on which will be of interest to you.

Evaluate your target audience. When writing an essay argumentation is important to understand whom it is intended.

Note the rhetorical situation. When considering a theme it is important to consider factors related to it. The rhetorical situation of the five main elements:

  • the text itself,
  • author
  • audience,
  • the aim pursued,
  • concomitant conditions.

Construction arguments

Come up with a catchy heading. Creative and original name of the interested reader, and he wants to read your essay.

Describe the main thesis. This is a brief formulation of your views on the issue under consideration. As a rule, the thesis concludes the introductory part of the essay:

  • The thesis should be concise and clear.
  • It contains the essence of the article, and explains its importance.
  • The thesis is a concise statement.
  • This statement may relate to the value of the considered view of the subject, determining the causal link, the line of conduct, and so on.

Write chapeau. This section should be a brief explanation of the topic under consideration and to consider the current situation, to familiarize the reader with the subject of discussion. As noted above, the introductory part of the thesis should be completed.

Write the main sections of the article. Gently provides information as confirming or denying your point of view. Provide strong evidence in support of his opinion, not hiding the evidence and contradict him.

Write a conclusion. This section should emphasize once again its arguments, urging the reader to support your point of view. Try to tie the theme of the essay to the interests and values of your readers.

Accent your attention to the basic ideas of your essay and repeat the main thesis, differently formulated it. Conclusions should not contain any new information - in the conclusion should summarize what you said earlier.

Often article concludes with a brief look at further ways to study the issue considered.

Inclusion of essays research results and references

Conduct your own research. Search the library books and articles on the topic being studied. Try to find reliable sources on the Internet. It is necessary to find sources that display all existing points of view on the subject - it will allow you to cover in your essay, all aspects of the issue. Gather all the information as supporting your point of view, and contrary to s.

Editing and final editing

Try to look at your work from. Looking at the text with fresh eyes, you will notice the mistakes and errors that have eluded you before:

  • Check grammar.
  • Incomplete sentences.
  • Agree.
  • Approval of the predicate with the subject.

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