How to write a paper fast

There are a large number of different types of articles, including news articles, the editor column, biographical sketches, instructions and so on. Each of them has its own characteristics how to write a paper fast, but all of their common features are combined.

Design concept

Thinking on how to write a paper fast, first of all explore article type that you want to write. Thinking over the subject and semantic accents, decide what type of article is suitable in this case the most. Often, certain types of articles are more suited to certain topics than others. The most common types of articles include:

  • News. The article reports about something that happened in the recent past or will happen in the near future. Typically, in such an article contains the answers to five questions: who / what, where and when, and why.
  • Great article in a newspaper or magazine. In these articles interesting information is presented and with lots of details. The article can be devoted to a person, phenomenon, place, or any other topic.
  • Editorial. In this article the writer's opinion about a specific topic or ongoing disputes. Its aim is to convince the reader to take another look at this issue.
  • Instructions. In this article provides step by step information on how to do something.
  • Biographical sketch. This article contains information about the person who collects the reporter through interviews and study of different materials.

Choose a theme

Make a list of possible topics. You might want to write an article about immigration, organic foods or a city shelter for homeless animals. To the article turned a logical and concise, the topic should be narrow. This will give you a specific problem, around which you can build a more compelling story. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you interested in this topic?
  • What are the moments, people usually do not notice?
  • What do you want to tell people about it?

Choose a topic that you are very close. You your chosen theme should be interested. Your enthusiasm will be visible in the article, and readers will be interested to read it.

Your job is to tell you about something with such a passion for the reader to understand that the issue raised by you, deserves attention.

Preliminary analysis of materials

If you are not familiar with the selected theme, you will need to start with a preliminary analysis.

  • Enter keywords into a search engine on the Internet.
  • Go to the local library.
  • Think about how you can look at the topic from a new angle.

Key words will help to find articles on the topic. These sources of information will allow you to get acquainted with different approaches to the subject.

Read books, magazine articles, interviews, and check out online sources, including news, blogs and databases. If there is no information on the Internet, start with any major database.

Choosing and narrowing the topic, decide what will make your article unique. If you write something about what other people write, try to create a unique work in terms of approach to the topic. You have to add to the theme of something new and not just write the same, others wrote about.

For example, the topic of organic products can illuminate the problem shopkeeper who does not understand symbols on the labels of organic food. It can serve as an excellent starting point for the article, which will describe your main idea or point of view.

Bring your idea to perfection

As a rule, in this article the author expresses his point of view - that's the essence of the article. The author then argues that reinforce this view. To get a quality article, your arguments must also be serious. Selecting, from what point of view you will cover the topic, analyze their arguments.

Identify the main idea in one sentence. Place this phrase near the computer or workstation.

If you still cannot write a paper fast, you can contact our specialists who will help you to make it in short terms and escape the difficulties.

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