How to write an mla paper

MLA - is formatting and citation rules, is widely used in academic and professional writing in English.

When you think how to write an mla paper, first of all think about a title page. Do not use a separate cover sheet, if your job does not require it. In accordance with standard MLA formatting rules, a title page or a separate title page is not required and should not be connected to most of the written works.

There exist a number of directives relating to the information to be provided on the cover:

  • Align heading in the middle.
  • The name of your work should be informative, but at the same time and creative.
  • If you want to add a subtitle, it should be placed on the same line with the title, separated by a colon.
  • The first letter of each important word must be capitalized.
  • Please enter your full name and align the center.
  • Format your name as follows: Name Surname.
  • Write the name and the course number in the first line.
  • On the next line, write the name of the teacher.
  • On the last line, specify the date of delivery of the job.

Format of the first page

Write a headline in the upper left corner. The header should contain the same information as the titular sheet, if used. Enter your full name, teacher's name, course name and date of delivery of the job:

  • Write your name on the first line in the format Name Surname.
  • On the next line, specify the name of the teacher.
  • On the third line, enter the name of the course.
  • The date of delivery of the job should be indicated on the last line.
  • Align the name of the center of the work. On the next line after the date of setting the date write the title of your work. Align it in the middle.
  • Do not select the title of the work in italics, bold, underline, or large font.
  • The title should be informative, but at the same time creative.
  • If you want to add a subtitle, it should be placed on the same line with the title, separated by a colon.

Text work

Studying how to write an mla paper, think over about the main part of the paper. Divide your work into several parts with subtitles, if appropriate. If you write a voluminous work, your teacher may ask you to divide it into several sections with separate subheadings.

The MLA format recommended enumerated by each section of the Arabic numeral and dot followed by a name for the new section.

Always include quotes in brackets for any borrowed material. After direct quoting, paraphrasing, or statements of borrowed material should indicate the original source in brackets.

Always include a quote in a more detailed proposal. Never insert on individual citations, i.e. citations, which are written by them, without any administration on your part.

Page endnotes

  • If your paper contains endnotes, they must be listed on a separate page, endnotes, that are after the end of the text of the work itself:
  • Number the endnotes.
  • If you use an automatic program for endnotes, they should appear on the page, endnotes in the form of already numbered.
  • If you do not automate the addition of endnotes, make sure that each of them is numbered in Arabic numerals.
  • Endnotes should contain a brief but important information.
  • Endnotes should be no longer than three - four rows.


Title "Bibliography" should be aligned in the center.

Your bibliography should include all work and materials to which you refer directly in the text of your work. All written work in MLA format should include a bibliography. Organize all quoted material in alphabetical order. All cited works should be arranged in alphabetical order by author's name.

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