junctionless nanowire transistor

 junctionless nanowire transistor Dissertation


PUBLISHED ON-LINE: 21 MARCH 2010 | DOI: twelve. 1038/NNANO. 2010. 15

Nanowire transistors without junctions

Jean-Pierre Colinge*, Chi-Woo Lee, Aryan Afzalian�, Nima Dehdashti Akhavan, Ran Yan, Isabelle Ferain, Pedram Razavi, Brendan O'Neill, Alan Blake, Mary White, Anne-Marie Kelleher, Brendan McCarthy and Richard Murphy

Every existing diffusion are based on the usage of semiconductor junctions formed by introducing dopant atoms in the semiconductor material. As the space between junctions in contemporary devices drops below 15 nm, extremely high doping concentration gradient become necessary. Because of the regulations of diffusion and the statistical nature in the distribution in the doping atoms, such junctions represent a progressively difficult manufacturing challenge intended for the semiconductor industry. Here, we propose and show a new sort of transistor in which there are not any junctions with out doping attention gradients. The product have complete CMOS efficiency and are made using si nanowires. They may have near-ideal subthreshold slope, extremely low seapage currents, and fewer degradation of mobility with gate volts and temperatures than classical transistors.


ll existing transistors depend on the formation of junctions. Junctions are capable of both equally blocking current and allowing

it to flow, based on an used bias. They can be typically shaped by positioning two semiconductor regions with opposite

polarities into connection with one another. The most typical junction is the p–n verse, which consists of a contact between a p-type piece of silicon, rich in slots, and a great n-type part of silicon, rich in electrons. Every single textbook on semiconductor unit physics includes a part on the p–n junction, generally between the initial chapters on semiconductor materials fundamentals and the chapters specialized in the different types of transistors. Other types of junctions include the metal–silicon ‘Schottky' passageway and the heterojunction, which is a p–n junction comprising two different semiconductor materials. The zweipolig junction

receptor contains two p–n junctions, and so will the MOSFET (metal-oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor). The JFET (junction field-effect transistor) offers only one p–n junction and the MESFET (metal–semiconductor field-effect transistor) contains a Schottky passageway.

The first patent1 intended for the receptor principle was filed canada by Austrian-Hungarian physicist Julius Edgar Lilienfield on twenty-two October 1925. He copyrighted the device in america a few years after under the name ‘Device intended for controlling electrical current'2, nevertheless he hardly ever published any research content on the unit. The Lilienfield transistor is a field-effect unit, much just like modern metal-oxide–semiconductor (MOS) products. It consists of a thin semiconductor film placed on a slender insulator layer, itself lodged on a material electrode. These metal electrode serves as the gate from the device. In operation, the current flows in the resistor between two contact electrodes, in much the same way that drain current flows between the source and drain within a modern MOSFET. The Lilienfield device is actually a

simple resistor, and the using a gate voltage enables the semiconductor film of carriers to become depleted, therefore modulating it is conductivity. Essentially, it should be possible to completely reduce the semiconductor film of carriers, in which case the resistance of the gadget becomes quasi-infinite.

The Lilienfield transistor, in contrast to all other types of diffusion, does not include any verse. Although the concept of a transistor without junctions may seem quite unorthodox, the term ‘transistor'

will not, per se, mean the presence of passageway. A receptor is a solid-state active gadget that controls current flow, and the term ‘transistor' can be described as contraction of ‘trans-resistor'. Theoretically, the Lilienfield transistor can be described as gated trans-resistor; that is, it is just a resistor having a gate that controls the carrier...

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