Lord of the Flies Turmoil Essay

The duality of the human heart and soul in the guise of good and evil is the main preoccupation in the adventure book 'Lord of the Flies'. Over the novel, the conflict is usually dramatized by contradicting opinions between Ralph and Jack, who stand for civilisation and savagery. The differing views are expressed by every boy's strong attitudes to authority. Rob uses leadership to establish guidelines and to enforce the English moral requirements that the young boys were brought up up to make use of. However , Jack demands the entire obedience of the other boys. His lust pertaining to power hard drives him into savagery and installs fear into the friends who are too scared to reason against him.

Inspite of being the primary conflict among good and evil, Jack port and Rob are not entirely one or the other. Roger represents full evil. Dr. murphy is the one who does, to an severe, Jack's extreme use of power. Roger symbolizes the most severe that evolves in people once there is no world to keep them in line and symbolizes man's natural trend to cause harm to others. This individual becomes the centre of much wickedness, turning out to be the torturer of 'Samneric', pretending to be the beast and then is responsible for the death of Piggy. Roger is the one that rams a stick 'right up [the] ass' of any sow, eradicating her in a vulgar fashion. Even at the start of the publication when Roger throws pebbles at Henry, Golding implies that the seeds of disturbance has taken root and it is spreading in the hunter's mind.

The complete opposites of Roger are Piggy and Simon who stand for the real goodness that may be left on st. kitts. Both character types are good yet both are victims, despite very good characteristics they cannot stand up to Jack's tribe. They even look like victims. Simon faints a whole lot and is actually weak. Piggy is extremely fat, relies totally on his eyeglasses, has 'ass-mar' and moans all the time in the littlest of things. Bob represents spirituality and updates the beauty of character, not just since somewhere to hunt. Whenever Simon is usually...



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