We Offer the Best Price in This Industry

When there is a lack of time or students just don’t feel like preparing academic papers on their own, the most reasonable solution is to hire a freelance writer to order a paper. There are many companies in the market that offer student services, however often they charge a lot, but the quality of services is not the best. When we were establishing our service we studied the market and prices, and decided to set such a pricing policy that will be affordable for every student with an average income.

On our service you can order and buy an academic paper of a top-quality for a very affordable price. An opportunity to find your own writer on the service gives you a chance to bargain on the price, but keep I mind that no professional author will do the work for nothing. We strive to keep the prices flexible. The cost for urgent orders is higher, because such orders require more time and energy from the writer.

Thus if you want to get a better price for your order, we recommend you to make an order as early as possible. The price of the order is based on academic level, deadline, and size. For example, if your paper needs to be written within 14 days you are going to approximately pay $9 a page for an undergraduate level, $11 for a Bachelor level, and $14 for a professional level. But if your paper needs to be done within 12 hours the price for it will be $21 per page for an undergraduate level, $25 for a Bachelor level, and $32 for a professional level. Also the earlier you order, the easier it is to find the writer, as with urgent orders many authors can be busy with other projects.

We also offer students discounts and reductions, which are discussed individually with every customer. You can get a discount if you refer us to your friends, order two or more papers, and you are our regular client.