Rebuilding A National Icon The MAS Recovery Prepare

 Rebuilding A National Icon The POREM Recovery Plan Essay

Rebuilding A National Icon The POREM Recovery Program n

twenty nine AUGUST 2014



In supportive memory to those still

lacking and those left

on MH370 and MH17.

Al-Fatihah and our prayers

are with you.

MAS is somewhat more than just a firm;

it is a crucial enabler of national creation

and a national icon.


Nonetheless it must be moored on functional

excellence, economical sustainability, as well as the

prudent usage of public funds.


All of us owe this to NO ENTANTO customers and staff, each of our

shareholder and stakeholders,

and to the Kaum of Malaysia.


> 1

Communication from the Excellent Minister

> 2

Message from the Leader of POREM, the

Nominated Representative of the Special

Shareholder, Minister of Finance, Integrated

> a few

Message in the Managing Overseer,

Khazanah Nasional Berhad

> a few


> 7

Executive Summary

> 14

The Context:

Difficulties and Advantages

> 20

The Task:

An entire Overhaul

> 22

The Recovery Strategy:

12 Unique Features

> 31

Closing Ranks:

A National Compact

> 36

The Future:

[email protected]




On 8th August, We called upon all parties to work together supporting a comprehensive and holistic restructuring plan for Malaysia Airlines – the first step had to return each of our national transporter to profitability.

I thought then – as I perform today –that MAS is definitely part of Malaysia's history. This can be a symbol of national satisfaction, of our ambitions and the place in the earth. In short, it really is more than just a firm to all of us. So as we prepare for each of our 57th Merdeka Day, My spouse and i welcome the

unveiling of " Repairing a National Icon – the MAS Recovery Plan”.

Today's announcement marks the first thing towards making certain our countrywide carrier can be part of Malaysia's future. Just wholesale change will produce a genuinely good and

environmentally friendly Malaysia Airlines. If we search for a different result from past experiences, we must have the courage to choose a

different approach. Piecemeal transform will not work.

" CONTUDO is a part of Malaysia's

background. It is a image

of countrywide pride, of our

ambitions and our place

in the world. In other words, it is

more than just a company

to us. ”

The complete overhaul of the company set out with this plan can ask a lot of everyone by Malaysia Flight companies. But we will look to all those who work with Malaysia's flag-carrier – and all Malaysians – to play their part in ensuring MAS' future accomplishment.

For NO ENTANTO to survive and thrive, we really need a new nationwide compact for our national airline. Later a role to experience, and I offer you my confidence that the Government is wholehearted in its determination to promoting that compact.

As we turn our brains to honoring our self-reliance, I request that each of you consider the best way to support this national work. More than a great airline, CONTUDO is a national icon; much-loved, and rich in our history. The plan ahead of you today will ensure it has a bright upcoming.

Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Realisieren Abdul Razak

August up to 29, 2014

Reconstructing A National Icon: The MAS Recovery Plan





In my role as Leader of Malaysia Airlines, I use spent enough time over recent weeks leading Turun Padang meetings around

the flight. In total, we have talked to some 2, 500 colleagues. And I have, naturally , been participating with many other folks who

connect to our nationwide airline – from operate unions and Parliamentarians to vendors and suppliers.

Two things have stood out via these conversations –

concern and willpower. That concern is totally

understandable. After many years of prolonged difficulties and financial losses at NO ENTANTO – and, of course , the tragic situations of March and July – it is often clear that things could not go on because they were. Without a doubt, at the airline's Annual Basic Meeting in June, I actually indicated that radical change was the simply way...


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