RED  Gena Composition

Reddish & Gena



Read most instructions. Answer all

inquiries and supply scholar Aid

Record showing the EFC (SAR

is supplied by the US Department

of Education after your FAFSA is

submitted), target essay, and a list of

after school activities.

Completed applications

(with attachments)

has to be postmarked not any

later than March 15th.


Phone Tracy Gammell,

Executive Overseer at


[email protected] net

Mail to:

Red & Gena Leonard Foundation

G. O. Package 1024

Hermiston, Oregon 97838

The Red & Gena Leonard Groundwork

was established by late Crimson

& Gena Leonard to further improve

the educational chances

of average students of good

character with poor monetary

circumstances with a desire

to seek even more educational


Eligibility Requirements


Scholarship grant


1 .

Applicant must graduate from Secondary school

or obtain a GED from one of the follow

ing villages: Arlington, Boardman, Echo,

Hermiston, Pendleton, Umatilla, Fossil,

Condon, Monument, Ukiah, Stanfield,

Heppner, Ione, Preliminary Rock, Irrigon, or


2 .

Economic need.

three or more.

Average marks.


Wish to work in a trade.


Must enroll in an Oregon college or trade

institution (unless the training you need is definitely not

are available in Oregon).

My spouse and i. Personal Profile

Section We - Complete all questions.



House Address



Significant other Status: Married/Single/Divorced/Widowed Social Security Number

Particular date of Labor and birth



Home Cellphone

Sex: Male/Female

Oregon Citizen: Yes/No E-Mail MANDITORY

Citizen of the us: Yes/No

Dependant Children: List Ages

II. Educational Ideas

Section II - Full all questions.

University you plan to go to (if you're not sure which college you want to attend find the college you are many interested in after that attach different choices on separate paper)

Address of College



Major/Degree or certificate you are trying to get


Expected Date of Graduation



Day Graduated

Various other High Schools attended



Time attended

College or university or Operate School

III. Family Profile

Name an excellent source of School



Date ranges attended

Section III -- Complete your concerns.

1 .

Provide information to your parents in case you are still regarded their centered. Provide details for yourself (and spouse if applicable) if you are over the age of twenty-three and no much longer a reliant of your parents.

2 .

List all people getting supported by this income. One example is: Father, Mom, and a few children will total five. Make sure to publish how many people with this number will be attending college (including yourself). For example in the event you and your sibling are both in college regular, write " two”. several.

List virtually any unusual bills or п¬Ѓnancial circumstance that you want us to consider. One example is (1) any kind of extreme condition that requires costly medications. (2) any in order to family cash flow such as decrease of parent's work.

I was providing details for my: Parents/ Other half

Father or Spouse Name

Father or Spouse Address

Father or Spouse Career

Mothers Brand



Home Mobile phone

Mothers Addresses

Mothers Occupation

Family's tweaked gross income via tax returning (Attach duplicate of FAFSA)

Work Mobile phone


Home Phone

Zip Code


Zip Code

Work Telephone

Number living at home (include parents, bros, self) Quantity in school (Must be full time)

List any other unusual expenditures or difference in п¬Ѓnancial scenario you would like all of us to consider


Attach a unique sheet of paper record: any firm, club, sports activities program, religious activity, community involvement or perhaps other extracurricular activities. Display dates of involvement and duties performed and offices held. No more than one particular page. Make sure you list school activities simply. Also make sure you explain the employment status ( fulltime, part-time,...


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