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The investigator would initial want to thanks the almighty dad for life, people and intelligence in other to do this school foundation assessment. The researcher will also thanks a lot all those who also contributed to assist with this evaluation.


Juvenile delinquency is a criminal act or perhaps acts determined by individuals below the age of eighteen. We all the members of contemporary society can help end these the younger generation from carrying out these criminal offences. As the nation is developing the level of crimes tends to boost rapidly. By making use of our authorities and members of culture we can help decrease the standard of crimes being done in world. Some of the most well-known crimes which are done by the young people of society often be 20 years and older. Some examples of this crimes are murder, robbery, medicine trafficking. Teen delinquency over a hold is among the major problem in society. The reason for this university base examination is to find out the causes and effect of teen delinquency. You will discover possible answer to juvenile delinquency and a pair of which are creating facilities where they may acquire employment and organize schooling facilities exactly where they may go and find out a trade. Juvenile delinquency is no hassle we can prevent from happening but 1 we can control.


Juvenile delinquency

Exploration question

What are the causes plus the effects of teen delinquency?


First off teen delinquency is an antide social or perhaps criminal action and is generally perform simply by young people within the age of eighteen. The researcher chose this kind of topic because in the community of grand bay you will find young people committing act including murder and drug trafficking. While discussing on that topic the researcher wishes to find out what may cause the the younger generation to dedicate these crimes. Some of the things that causes the young visitors to commit these kinds of crimes are peer pressure, lack of parent control.


1: What can cause the young adults of grand bay to commit these kinds of crimes? a couple of: what can be done to stop or lesson these criminal offenses in the village of grand bay? 3: what result do these types of criminal serves have around the people of grand these types of? 4: features juvenile delinquency increase in days gone by ten years?

5: what are the most popular crimes determined by juvenile?


The methodology which the researcher chose to work with was the set of questions. With the set of questions the researcher would gather more relavant information which can be needed. In addition there are advantage and disadvantage of utilizing a questionnaire. Two advantage of questionnaire are:

one particular: The information provided might be in correct conditions with the queries with had been asks.. 2: There may be an opportunity where the researcher tends to get more information than that which was inquire on the set of questions.

Two drawback to questionnaire are:

1: confidentiality might not be retained and this might cause confusion among persons require in the questionnaire. 2

Data Collection Instrument

I am Samantha Anselm, I show up at the Pierre Charles Second School. During my quest to total my Interpersonal Studies College Based Examination, I are doing a study on the topic Juvenile Delinquency in the community of Grand Bay. I are soliciting the help and appreciation in case you would help by giving an answer to this customer survey. Confidentiality will probably be ensured. Thank you in advance for your help. Note* Place a tick in the matching box or answer totally on the lines provided.

a) Age 13-15 ( ) 16-18 ( )

b) Sex: Man ( ) Female ( )

1 ) What are one of the most possible factors behind juvenile delinquency in the community of grand bay?

Peer pressure ( ) Neglect of parents ( ) Poverty ( )...

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