Trifels/ Sexism

Danielle Archer

Mr. Ellis

November 10, 2009

Theme Composition

We are All Sexist

The play " Trifles” by simply Susan Glaspell is about difficulties differences between women and men. This kind of story was written industry period the moment women were treated very much differently than they may be today, as well as the women and this story are generally not taken seriously. This kind of story unearths the sexism that women addressed then, but still to some extent handle today. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Blooming find incriminating evidence against Minnie, nevertheless the men by no means think to correctly . their thoughts and opinions; they are too busy looking for solid concrete, evidence. The " trifles” the women are worried about do not matter to the men. Although the women discover evidence to believe Minnie is definitely the killer, they feel to some extent responsible for abandoning her. The ladies and the males in this account are both somewhat sexist. The ladies are on Minnie's side, as well as the men take her partner John's part. This is because of the differences in males and females. Women and men understand things in a different way. The men see the monster to be vicious because they cannot find a objective. They are looking for some reason someone would kill John, because they need " Something to show -something to make a story regarding – something which would hook up up with this kind of strange way of doing it (776). ” They are really looking for sound, tangible facts to link Minnie towards the crime. That they overlook the small , and but significant, clues that tell the real story. Mrs. Peters explains to Mrs. Hale that the guys need " something to exhibit anger, or perhaps -sudden sense (771. )” They are trying to find something even more obvious just like abuse or alcoholism, but according to Mrs. Good, John would not drink. Mr. Hale possibly tells the County Attorney that Steve " under no circumstances cared what his partner wanted (768), ” nevertheless that does not faze him. The kitchen is in chaos and that is blamed on negative housekeeping, instead of being used while evidence. The clues are all there for these people, but they do not see these people. The women observe these things...



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