Why Tetley Fails in Pakistan

 Why Tetley Fails in Pakistan Composition



Competitive Report on famous brands

* Unbranded Tea

* Tapal

5. Unilever (Lipton and Supreme)

* Essential

Marketing Mixture Analysis

* Product

5. Place

2. Promotion

2. Price

SWOT Analysis of Tetley Tea

* Advantages

* Weak points

* Opportunities

* Hazards

Buyer Evaluation

* Brand Loyalty

2. Demographics

* Consumer Recognition

* Positive Motivation

5. Rational versus Emotional Motives

* Achievement and Inability Influence

2. Substitute Goals

* Sexual arousal levels of Reasons

* Maslow's Needs

* Attitude Development of TetleyВ

* Uniformity of Attitudes

* Individuality and Client Behavior

2. Consumer Belief

Tetley's Areas of Improvement

Tips for Tetley


In year 1837, two siblings, Joseph and Edward Tetley started to sell tea to become such a hit that they build as tea merchants. In 1856, together with Joseph Auckland, they create " Joseph Tetley & Company, Wholesale Tea Dealers". Joseph Tetley and Co tastes accomplishment. Business was good and the company grew. As well as offering tea, Frederick Tetley & Co likewise began to mixture and prepare it. In the 1880s they started to sell tea to the Usa, and began to bring tips back; one of these was the tea bag.

Tea was rationed during Ww ii, it was not really until 1953, just after rationing finished, that Tetley introduced the tea bag towards the UK and it was an immediate success. The rest, as they say, is usually history. The tea handbag had captured the public's imagination and desire for convenience.

Within a decade it changed distinguishly how Britons drank all their tea plus the old fashioned tea pot got given way to making tea in a cup utilizing a tea handbag.

Since the sixties, Tetley provides continued to develop people's like of tea drinking by introducing impressive and exciting ideas in lots of different countries. In 1989 we launched the circular tea bag, latching on to the fashion to consume tea within a mug, rather than a cup. Up coming came the Drawstring, Zero drip, not any mess ‟tea bag”.

1974 Tetley Tea Company was bought by simply J Lyons who merged it with the Lyons tea business to create Lyons Tetley. 1978 Allied Breweries attained J Lyons‟ Businesses after that as Of that ilk Domecq distributed them inside the 1990s. The Tetley Group was created in July 1995, when a selection of investors bought what was then the world-wide beverage business by Allied Domecq. On 10th March 2150, The Tetley Group was sold to Tetley Tea Limited, one of the world's largest bundled tea businesses.

It is a Joint Venture between Tetley UK & Lakson Group which was created in 2004, the Tetley tea suits the Dark-colored Tea drinking masses of Pakistan and the tea segments contain Leaf, Particles & Teabags.


Pakistan is a third most significant tea retailer in the world and consumes one hundred fifty five million kg every year. This shows his passion for tea in our land. Tetley takes up a share of 12% in the Pakistaner tea market. Tetley's opponents include: -

* Unbranded Tea

2. Tapal

5. Unilever -- Lipton and Supreme

2. Vital

Unbranded Tea

Each of our target audience comes with the cultural class C and C+ and such people are not at all manufacturer conscious. They will purchase a manufacturer which suits their pocket sized and deliver high quality. They think wisely ahead of spending. These kinds of people or perhaps such targeted audience in our country huge eely prefer loose or unbranded tea. The only goal to all of them is style, quality and quantity. They are not company conscious neither they are care freaks. Packaging does not actually attract all of them. Therefore unbranded tea occupies the largest discuss. This is because not any extra money is usually spent on the labeling this reduces its cost and helps to increase their market share.


Tapal can be described as local manufacturer and exclusively occupies a share of 21 %. They have good promotional tactics and an highly effective circulation network. People all over the country consume this brand and are loyal to it. The manufacturer has tried to make an...


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