Assignment 205

Dear Rachel

My spouse and i hear you are looking at applying for a career in the care profession. As I am at the moment working in this profession, which is great, I just wanted to fill up you in on a few things which may help you. Into the social attention work spots have what is called a work of care towards the persons they look there after means they have to do almost everything possible that they can to keep the folks they care for safe from injury. It is not only the work place that should prioritise the protection, welfare and interests of the people employing this service nevertheless also the care personnel, care employees must also include a duty of care to other staff members to ensure that every working circumstances are safe and suitable to provide the best support they can. If the person from this profession usually do not meet this kind of standard of care chances are they are considered being negligent, this could result in a suit. To avoid this kind of, a person working in the care career must be well familiarized with the laws concerning health and protection. You must act diligently in the prevention of injuries and falls. You need to practice great communication with the person under your care and work within the legal guidelines. The typical Social Proper care Council's code of practice states that registered sociable workers possess a duty to guard service users from harm, and should notify their company or a great " ideal authority" when the practice of colleagues might be unsafe or affect criteria of care. I hope this has helped and given you adequate facts for you to make a choice about your task career. Yours sincerely

Rebecca selwood



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