The Differences Among Data and Information: a shorter Analysis

 The Differences Among Data and Information: a quick Analysis Dissertation

Right after between data and data: a short analysis

What is info?

I have searched on the Internet and in books for the meaning and description of information and there are a variety of meanings and a few are very misleading the best two meanings I found were " data involves random (or a set of random) unprocessed information with little if any intrinsic value”(S. Yull, To. Stump p-6) and " Data: the raw facts and figures a computer welcomes as input and then processes to produce beneficial information” (P. M. Heathcote, S. Langfield p-16).

Data Is used in every day existence by everyone, it is everywhere data has to be processed into information to get understood normally it has not any meaning therefore without info there is no information data is plural pertaining to datum which means 1 piece of data. data comes from the latin term datum, it truly is both plural and novel. data comprises of raw specifics such as text, characters, emblems, numbers, statistics, images, appear, video etc.

Types of data

Direct info

" Immediate data is completed for a particular purpose through an automatic process” (S. Yull, T. Stump p-8 - p-9 )direct data is definitely when you accumulate data for a specific goal, for example a supermarket states bar unique codes on their items for information over a specific merchandise to see the place that the product is located, what the product is, how much the merchandise costs etcetera this is a type of direct and specific data it only serves for just one purpose. direct data is usually collected with a automatic procedure for example within a supermarket each uses a bar code target audience which is created specifically to read club codes. Immediate data is also known as main data

Indirect data

" Indirect info is wherever data had been gathered for another purpose” (S. Yull, T. Stump p-8 - p9 ). An example of indirect info is when a supermarket originally reads a bar code on their product for immediate data just like how much the product costs however the indirectly collects other info such as how well the merchandise is advertising or simply how much of that system is left this sort of data may later be used for reviews with other products and supermarkets and for stock control. Indirect data is also generally known as secondary info.

Qualitative research/information data and Quantitative/information/research info

Qualitative data – " Which are data not as numbers (most of the occasions, but not constantly, this means you will discover in the form of words)”. (Keith. Farreneheit. Punch 06\ p-3)

An example of qualitative research/information/data could be baser upon how Pc game players feel when they play, what there behaviour are, what keeps these people motivated. Qualitative data is more about collecting and examining the information gathered it gives even more in depth data and exploration.

Quantitative data – " Which are info in the form of amounts. ”(Keith. N. Punch 2006 p3)

Quantitative research/information/data can be mathematical structured and can reveal statistical data such as the statistical significance, findings or variations. An example of quantitative data is actually a addicted end user of Personal Computer games plays between 4-8 several hours a day and is also between the age ranges of 20 - 30.

Data process

" Data processing converts data into information” (S. Yull, Big t. Stump p-10)

For info to become information it has to proceed through a process named data control the method used is known as input-process-output (IPO).

Input-process-output (IPO)

These are the basic features of a computer system. Data must be input into the computer, which can be then highly processed and then it really is output if it is displayed or printed.

There are three steps in GOING PUBLIC.


The first thing: input is gathering and capturing raw data to be input to the system.


The second step: which is to type the data to the system to be processed. Finalizing involves the subsequent;

Making calculations

Using option actions and routes

Making comparisons

Selecting data to get future use


The next and final step: after the...

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