The Use of the Sap System in the Flying Industry: an instance Study of Mtu Aero Engines Belgium

 The Use of the Sap System inside the Aviation Sector: a Case Examine of Mtu Aero Engines Poland Exploration Paper




A Research Job Report posted in part fulfilment with the requirements forВ theВ Degree of BSc (Hons) Logistics, School of Applied Sciences, The University ofВ Huddersfield, 2011.


This analyze examines you see, the situation of the aviation industry in European countries in terms of SAP system implementation.

Analysis was performed into the theory of the aviation industry, aviators logistics and importance of SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS system in the market. There is no doubt that aviation strategies isВ very complicated sophisticated. This kind of study analyses the aviators supply chain and shows the importance of SAP program in the industry. The study purpose of this study is always to gain a deeper comprehension of the SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS system implementation within the sector. For this reason the topic was investigated byВ studying past literature and former research. Quantitative method of collecting data was chosen and questionnaires and interview were also prepared. Studies are primarily based onВ questionnaire review which was delivered to experienced pros working in modern aviation industry and who have employed SAP system in practice. The results of this examine will be: providing useful info for professional working in logistics in aviation industry. Study conducted by author has found out that, over sixty percent of people consider improved performance due to SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS implementation. Practically Вј of asked persons consider expense reduction being a big outcome of execution. According to research, nearly 70 percent ofВ people consider SAP as an important component of the industry. This Task Report proves that after SAP system setup quality of logistics offers improved. More than 80% of asked persons consider that logistics quality has increased because of implementation. This study proves that European aviation sectors are surrounding up very well despite the downturn in the economy. Further analysis in this area could possibly be helpful, for instance: compare with additional industries were SAP method is in use or studying the industry detailed.


It has used a long time in order to complete this job research. It is a demanding journey. Throughout the research and the writing procedure, I have learnt a lot of things via allВ of the modules of Logistics in University of Huddersfield have been completely also very helpful toВ this research. First of all, this kind of Project Record was created not only based on the author's type butВ also as a result of commitment and support of several people who contributed toВ myВ thesis and many events that inspired my operate during the last few months. Therefore , I would really prefer to seriously thank all of them for their contribution to my own research. I actually am thankful to my supervisor, Ms Christine Corns. Her proficiency both in the spot of development projects and academic research were incredibly helpful for me. HerВ valuable and precise reviews combined with strong support and encouragement well guided me over the process of thesis writing and contributed drastically toВ itsВ success. Often times her advices helped me to focus the topic and increase the top quality of final survey. Special bless you are also provided to Prof. Merlu Bamford who also also gave me much support in writing method and many educational problems. In addition, he features given me personally much strength and very good spirit without this publishing seems to be extremely hard. Many thanks to folks who took part in in the exploration and found time in their busy schedules to complete my questionnaire. All their commitment and quick responses contributed to your research development and made it conceivable within the time period provided.

With the support of these people this kind of Research Project has become successfully finished.

Thank you most




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1 . 2 Hypothesis9

1 . 3 General purpose...

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