Writing a response paper

Writing a response paper, you need to read the text to understand its essence and determine what your attitude to the basic idea is.

Leave a note. It is not enough to highlight text while reading. You need to record notes about the material, and they need to be expressed with your words. Highlights draw attention to the words and paragraphs that you consider being important, but it does not allow you to write your initial thoughts that are related to these paragraphs.

Leave notes on separate sheets of paper. Include there retelling and quotes, as well as your personal opinion about them.

Build reading comprehension by asking yourself questions. Before you express your personal opinion about the work, you need to understand what it's about. Writing a response paper, you should be focused on your own interpretation of the text, but if you want your opinion was firm, you need to understand the basic meaning of the work.

Useful writing tips

There is some piece of advice that will make essay writing faster and easier

Do not tighten. The most appropriate time for the initial writing of the work is reading period, while the idea is still fresh. If this is not possible, then do it as soon as you can.

Even if you think that the ideas will benefit from some thinking over, before you write a thorough analysis, still take the time to express our initial reaction, as long as it is fresh.

Ask yourself about your reaction. The writing-tip revolves around your personal, subjective reactions to the text. Perhaps you will have a general idea of what you feel, but you need to carefully sort out these feelings and find out what caused them.

There are several methods of brainstorming that you can use to determine the most powerful ideas. Among these methods, there are:

  • Double-check your records
  • Add new ideas if they appear
  • Use analysis by "for" and "against"
  • Raise questions about your experience and use of records to answer them
  • Compare your experience directly with the records and determine which of the most crossed
  • Select the center of attention or structural arguments.

Depending on the requirements in the paper, you may need to face the structural or multiple arguments to the discussion. Even if there are a few problems, they should be linked.

Select the blocks in the recall

Write the introductory part. This should be done to determine the main theme or idea of the paper, and refer to its response to them.

Write a summary of the work. Your essay should not focus on the presentation of the paper. There are different opinions about the volume of the main part, but generally there will be just a few paragraphs.

Describe the contents of the work and provide the main arguments of the author, especially if they affect your feedback.

The presentation should be more analytical, rather than a simple retelling. When you describe the details and the arguments of the work you should use an analytical manner and discuss how well the author of these thoughts is informed.

Write the final part. At this point, you need to repeat your reader position and briefly provide protection for the benefit of its importance.

Mixed Review format

  • Write the introductory part. Create a short paragraph to introduce the main theme or idea for which you plan to write a review. Also mark and briefly describe your reaction on them.
  • At the end of the introductory part you ought to mention the "thesis" or structural arguments.
  • Summarize and agree or disagree with one question. In the mixed format revocation you should raise the questions one by one and just write a review for them.
  • Please note that the format of the mixed reviews is best used when the theme or idea for which you want to write, are poorly linked.
  • Summarize. Again, describe your reaction to the text in shorter form. If you want or is it appropriate to explain why this is important.

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